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Why is my Jerky dryer in some packs than others?

Jack Link’s Jerky is made from a natural product (Beef). This comes from a number of sources and types of cow or bull meat. Each cut of beef is different and this can cause a piece of beef to cook differently than another.

Where is the beef from that you use to make beef jerky products?

Jack Link’s uses beef sourced from New Zealand farmers to make our products.

Is the beef used cheap cuts?

No it is only quality pieces of meat that are used to make the beef jerky, 100VL (no fat, marbling, sinew or skin) only export quality lean meat is used to make jerky.

Is Jack Link’s Jerky gluten free?

While our Jerky is effectively gluten free we cannot make this claim as it may contain minute traces of Gluten. The Teriyaki Jerky we produce uses SOY Sauce as an ingredient and this contains wheat.

Are Jack Link’s products good protein sources?

Yes, the beef provides a great source of protein especially compared to other snack foods.

Is Jack Link’s product dairy free?

Jack Link’s product is dairy free however, some of the ingredients may have been processed by our suppliers on machines that have also processed milk powder. For this reason none of our products carry a dairy free claim.

Why is there mould in my pack of jerky?

There could on very rare occasions be a leak in a pack of Jerky which causes oxygen to enter the pack and therefore allowing mould to grow on the meat the same as it can grow on cheese in your fridge.

What is the sachet in the packs for?

The pack of Jerky contains an oxygen absorbing sachet that is placed in the pack for freshness. It is not to absorb moisture only oxygen. The sachet contains a compound that is food safe and is not harmful if consumed. It won’t taste very nice though.

Why is my steak bar short?

Steak bars are made from a natural product (Beef) this shrinks naturally when cooked. The steak bars may be longer or shorter than each other but they all weigh 25g or more when packed

Why are there small bits of jerky in the packs?

The jerky after cooking is cut into smaller pieces by machine so it will fit into our packs. This cutting results in some small pieces which are generally screened out but will sometimes find their way into the packs.

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